Alabama, U.S.A. Joint British American citizenship.

1973-1974 Art and Design Foundation Studies, Newcastle on Tyne.
1974-1977 B.A. Hons. Fine Art. Class 2. Div.1. University of Northumbria.
1991-1993 M.A. Fine Art. University of Northumbria.

1994 N.V.Q. Fabrication and Welding, Derwent College.
1996 Ceramic Shell Bronze Casting, Scottish Sculpture Workshop.
1999. Archaeological drawing, University of Newcastle on Tyne.
2011 Further Web Design, Gateshead College.

1977-1986 Visiting lecturer at:
                    DeMontfort University, Leicester.
                    Art & Design Foundation College, Newcastle on Tyne.
                    University of  Northumbria, departments of Fine Art, Graphic Design, Creative & Performing Arts, History
                    of art and design.
                    University of Newcastle on Tyne.
1986-1998 Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (specialism sculpture/bronze casting), University of Sunderland.

1977-1992. 22 national and regional exhibitions, 5 solo.
1993. Backroom Gallery, Edinburgh, Drawing and sculpture (one person).
1994. Isis Gallery, Melmerby. Cumbria, Bronze sculpture (one person).
1995. Design Works, Gateshead, Newcastle Group exhibition.
1996. Corbridge Gallery, Northumberland, "Victor Pasmore and Susan Williams". (two person).
1997. New Ashgate Gallery. Farnham, National selected open exhibition.
1997. The Academy of Art, Moscow, University of Sunderland staff exhibition.
1998. Clayton Gallery, Newcastle on Tyne, Sculpture and Glass open selected exhibition.
1998. Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Australia, 'Newcastle Group', British Council touring exhibition.
1999. Centre for Life, Newcastle on Tyne. Inaugural exhibition 'Newcastle Group'.
2000. Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle on Tyne, 'Drawing on the Past'
2000. Oriel Makers Gallery, Cardiff, 'Body Language', open selected exhibition.
2002. Dumfries Art Gallery. 'First Contact'. Open printmaking competition.
2002. Lauderdale House, London. Open photographic exhibition.
2002. Durham Museum and Art Gallery, Durham. First Durham National Open.
2003. Victoria Gallery, Bath, Bath Open National Exhibition.
2003. Arndean Gallery, Cork St, London,'Love in Art', national open competition.
2004. Surface Gallery, Nottingham. 'Claustrophobia', national open competition.
2004. Lewisham Art House, London, 'Powerplay'. National open exhibition.
2004. Basingstoke Art Gallery. Basingstoke. 'Mother'. National open competition.
2004. Aldershot Art Gallery, Aldershot. 'Women's Work'. International Women's Day exhibition.
2004. Beetroottree Gallery, Draycott, 'A Body of Work', selected group exhibition.
2004. Orleans House Gallery, London. 'Drawing The Line', selected group exhibition.
2004. St Leonards Gallery, Edinburgh. selected group exhibition.
2005. Surface Gallery, Nottingham. Print Open, selected group exhibition. First prize winner.
2005. Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge. Selected group exhibition.
2005. Bianco Nero Gallery, Stokesly. Selected group exhibition.
2005. Lauderdale House, London. 'Pride in the House'. Selected group exhibition.
2006. Surface Gallery, Nottingham. Prize winners, four person exhibition.
2006. Baring Gallery, Northumbria University. Newcastle on Tyne. Cravens Art Prize.
2006. Customs House Gallery. South Shields. One person exhibition, drawings.
2008. Baring Gallery, Northumbria University, Newcastle on Tyne. 'Newcastle Group' exhibition.
2008. Cupola Gallery, Sheffield. Group exhibition from open submission.
2009. Durham Town Hall, Durham. One person exhibition, drawing.
2011. Brick Lane Gallery, London. Group exhibition.
2011. Bar Lane Gallery, York. Group open submission exhibition.
2011. The Bristol Gallery, Bristol. Open submission group exhibition.
2014. Brancepeth Castle, Durham. 'Small Finds'. One person exhibition sculpture installation.
2015. Constantine Gallery. Teeside University. 'The Long Line'. Drawing and Sculpture. One person exhibition.
2016. Baring Gallery. Northumbria University. 'The People Show'. Open submission                                                                                  2019. Constantine Gallery. Teesside University. 'From Dust'. Ceramic sculpture and drawing. One person show.

Work held in private collections in U.K., Australia, U.S.A.

Arts Council of England Awards to Artists: 1977, 1979,1980,1981,1999,2000,2005.
Arts Council of England Purchase Awards: 1982,1983,1995.
Arts Council of England Training Bursary 1985.
Bronze Casting Fellowship, University of Northumbria. 1993.
A.G.B.I. Royal Academy Award. 1999.
Northern Cultural Skills Partnership (Culture Works). 2001,2002,2008.
Digital Arts Bursary, Isis Arts, Newcastle on Tyne. 2004.
Awarded membership of The Royal British Society of Sculptors. 2016.

Arts Council of England Advisor 1984-1986, reporting on Laing Art Gallery and sitting on 'Awards to Artists' panel.
Member of 'Newcastle Group', mid career artists exhibiting group. 2003 -2008.
Established and administered Carliol Sq. Studios, group studio for 24 artists, Newcastle on Tyne.

Full time studio practice, freelance fine art consultancy and mentoring.




Line is the foundational element upon which the drawings are built. The lines, which create the sensitive edges between volumes, both describe the form and give the image its tension and poise. I work on a computer using Photoshop as a primary drawing tool. Different kinds of mark making hitherto found in traditional media are combined within a linear structure opening up almost unlimited potential for exploring pictorial space, manipulating and layering information and juxtaposing varying types of visual elements. Using the human form as subject matter, the otimum point of balance is sought when different modes of representation, loosely termed 'cartoon', 'realistic', 'grotesque' are brought into relation and synthesised. During the drawing process the image oscillates constantly between these modes until a balance is found and a particular timbre is hit.

The identity of the image only begins to reveal itself late on during this process and only after having allowed the elements to remain free, floating and suggestive for as long as necessary. The image construction therefore runs parellel with the formal spatial organising and with the seeking out of the 'long line' which ultimately holds all the disparate elements together. What distinguishes a poignant line from a sentimental line is critical and much of the process of image making consists of testing out these boundaries and taking risks with them. The title of a drawing always comes at the end and is allowed to be defining in some cases or, in others, allusive or playfully private.

The sculpture is complementary to the drawing and follows an equivalent collageing process in terms of being improvised and not preconceived. Elements, often including recycled cast sections from previous work, are loosely tacked together and turned around in space until they strike a meaningful note which I recognise as having potential. This rough sketch is then cast into plaster and worked into until the planes and volumes cohere into one continuous form. I am aiming now in the most recent works for more and more informality in the relationships so that the minimum of adjustments will be required to give the piece integrity (albeit precarious) without destroying the freshness of the originating sketch.

In all cases, each element which the works contain originates from things seen and drawn and, as such, invention or imagination is a matter of reconfiguring information which has been gained from a continuous process of perceptual drawing which provides a 'visual stock from which to feed.


"I must begin, not with hypotheses, but with specific instances, no matter how minute".....Paul Klee.